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Hit a dead end and you may have to jump, terrifying lurch-of-faith moments that had me gasping repeatedly.

Or dangle from one hand for too long, and you’ll lose your grip (and maybe your lunch), plummeting backwards into the waiting arms of a blessed checkpoint reload.

After spending 30 minutes arrowing over a stunning reproduction of the Ile de la Cite, all I can say is that if this doesn’t make you at least a trifle green, you’re not of this world.

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Though you can still navigate the traditional way by pushing up or down on the D-pad, a lot of the game is actually played by physically moving around in a designated space.But pull on the Rift, and there’s no way to translate what happens, save that buzzwords like “presence” become eerily accurate, the immediacy of being a movable head inside a box of wonders driven home by your ability to scoot towards or crane your neck over or peer around the corner of virtually anything at all.So imagine, if you can, the extraordinary feeling that arises when you can lean down until your face is inches from Lucky, the game’s anthropometric fox-hero.It's complete and utter environment immersion at a level beyond anything you're used to with the standard genre of horror games: whispers sound precisely like someone is standing right behind you, as you inch through darkened rooms at a glacier pace in the hope you won't disturb whatever's hiding within.

Your favorite RPG game systems are playable with FG.

I’m playing uses the Rift’s forthcoming Oculus Touch, a pair of bracelet-sized controllers you hold, one in each hand, to simulate that signature primate feature: opposable thumbs.